Tof Théâtre

Dans l’atelier’ (In the Studio) is the wordless account of the disappointments of a puppet in the making. For that’s what this puppet really wants: be made, be real, be there. In eightteen minutes, it battles with the materials, the elements, the things. And with the puppeteers, because they’re there too. And even if they presume to be the masters of their puppets, things could turn out differently. TOF Théâtre allows us a glance into their puppet studio, where nothing is as it seems.

Concept and Creation: Alain Moreau, Sarah Demarthe, Emilie Plazolles
Puppets, Scenography and Direction: Alain Moreau
Actingl: Angela Malvasi, Emilie Plazolles or Yannick Duret
Direction: Jérôme Lenain and Alain Moreau
Music: Max Vandervorst
Light: Dimitri Joukovsky
Text and Script Assistance: Gilbert Epron et Dimitri Joukovsky
Scenery: Margaud Carpentiers