When an old man, who carries around with him a heartbreaking loss, meets a young girl, something wonderful happens to him. Step by step he learns how to live again surrounded by colours.

Ultima Thule

An old man remains quiet.
In his room. In his mind.
His days pass in black and white and grey.
He breathes softly. He doesn’t speak.
The doors well locked, the shutters down.
His heart bolted.
And no plans or dreams!
Because one never knows what’s coming tomorrow.

A little girl stands at his door.
Suddenly, out of the blue.
She’ll only stay a little while.
A few days.
She’s playful and crazy and oblivious.
Wild too, full of fire and colour
and sparkles of stardust.
A barrel, full of dreams.
Ready to burst.
There is only tomorrow.

She takes him by the hand.
There, where imagination lightens loss.

A theatre of Ultima Thule in collaboration with Une Tribu. A must-see for all children from 6+ and their (grand)-parents!

Concept and director: Sven Ronsijn
Dramaturgical assistance: Laura Deriemaeker (student)
Cast: Noémie Vincart, Thaïs Scholiers en Anke Somers (student)
Music: Pablo Casella Dos Santos
Puppets: Filip Peeters
Costumes: Chris Snik
Assistance costumes and drawings: Jessica Krepinsky (student)
Scenography and technique: Rupert Defossez