hetpaleis & Tuning People

a woman, a man, a child, a house. 
The house runs off. 
Did the house have ears too? 
Then they would be able to call the house, like a little dog. 
The woman, the man, the child, go on a quest for their legged house.

Lying down, you’re watching the ceiling of the bus, upon which their journey passes by. 
In the bus, Tuning People creates object theatre between kitsch and makeshift. 

by: Wannes Deneer
by: Jef Van gestel
by: Karolien Verlinden
Assistance and Manipulation: Marieke Cautereels
Manipulation and Driver: Roger Pottier
Assistance and Manipulation: Anna Van Helsdingen
Assistance and Manipulation: An Verstraete
Production and Technical Realisation: hetpaleis
Made possible by a.o.: the Province of Antwerp