Theater De Spiegel

Two persons discover that they’re stuck in a small space, a box. They can’t get rid of each other. There’s confusion, fear and awkwardness. Slowly they grow towards each other, with the inevitable tensions, clashes, carresses and emotions. Awkward fuss yields to laughter and contagious fun.

‘BOX’ is a physical performance with an originally composed soundscape, created live on stage. It’s a dance performance about the search for the other and being together. 

A small space. 
A search for the other.
Craving for intimacy.
Melting together here and there.
Box filled with tension.
Carresses too.
Yes, that too.
Crusty fuss.
Whirling laughter.
Contagious fun.
Searching for the unconditional.
An explosion of togetherness.
In a box. 

A production by Theater De Spiegel
Concept, Acting and Dance: Danaé Bosman and Jotka Bauwens

Final Direction and Movement Advice: Karolien Verlinden
Artistic Support/Coaching: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Composition and Music Performance: Stefan Wellens
Costume Design: Lies Maréchal
Set Design: Oona Sauwens and Wim Van de Vyve