Beeldsmederij De Maan

A marvellous story - it won the Zilveren Griffel 2016 - by master 

pointillist Toon Tellegen, about a whale that would like to have a garden on its back. A combination of live theatre, a visual installation, a live painting, a soundtrack and a VJ concert with overheads.

Dear Grasshopper,

I'd like to order something.
What I’d like is a bench on my back,
for visitors, to sit on, with back- and armrests.
But actually, I’d prefer a garden, with a bench in it.
As you will know, I’v already got a fountain.
It’s a bit hard for me to come to you.
Can you, please, deliver it where I live, 
in the middle of the ocean?

The whale

When the grasshopper receives the whale's order he gathers everything he needs into his boat and sails away...
But... why do we also want more and better? Does it bring us satisfaction? Does it makes us happier? In this allegorical narrative, our consumption behavior is looked at in a humble way ...With this wonderful story DE MAAN once again responds to her desire for contemporary, relevant narratives, often disguised as animal stories. De MAAN also endeavours to regularly present a classic favourite (or one in the making).
Did you like ‘PJOTR EN DE WOLFSKI’?Then you will certainly enjoy ‘The Whale’s Garden’. Again you will be impressed by the métier of master puppeteer Paul Contryn while listening to the accompanying voices of renowned actors. 

A kind of film and painting which takes shape while you are watching. 

Spel en figuren: Paul Contryn 
Concept en regie: Stef De Paepe 
Naar: Toon Tellegen (Querido) 
Kostuumadvies:Katinka Heremans 
Soundscape: Pepijn Caudron
Vorm: Stef De Paepe, Paul Contryn en Stéphane Vloebergh 
Met de stemmen van: Tom Van Dyck, Ini Massez, Günter Lesage, Esther Lybeert, Pepijn Caudron, Stef De Paepe en Paul Contryn