'Raya' is not a gloomy and joyless story but an optimistic one. On their quest to Raya's parents, the wayfarers - until then stunning puppets - get gulped down by an animation movie where everything seems to be possible. Especially the creation of certain atmospheres during this play is enchanting.

Filip Tielens - 'De Standaard'

Beeldsmederij De Maan

A coproduction of Image-smithy DE MAAN, hetpaleis and Moussem Nomadisch Arts Centre

RAYA seems a “once-upon-a-time”-fairytale, but it isn’t.

In a small, strange village, there’s Raya, the girl with the green hair. She’s the last survivor of the green-haired people.

Raya wants to find her parents, who were once banned from the village. Nobody knows why. Or nobodys tells her why. With the help of her friend Nana, who can read the magical language in the old newspapers, she sets out on a quest that will bring her to surprising and bizarre places…

“If I walk beside the track, I will get somewhere. I have to find them now, now that I’m still a child. I want them to read stories to me, before it’s too late. I don’t want to be remembered as the poor soul who had no parents. My mother must be a gorgeous woman with a beautiful voice. And I believe my father is a silent, mysterious man. I’m sure my parents tell each other day and night how much they love each other.”

RAYA is a philosophical and political fantasy-tale by the Palestinian theatre maker and author Rimah Jabr. She transforms her political background into a contemporary, funny, absurde but above all profound story.

Text Rimah Jabr | Direction Stef De Paepe | Acting Thomas Van Caeneghem, Femke Stallaert, Koen Janssen and Greet Jacobs | Music Thomas Van Caeneghem | Figures Paul Contryn | Stage Figures and  Costumes Katinka Heremans | Animation Marijke Van den Acker, Paul Contryn | Scenography Paul Contryn, Stef De Paepe and Stéphane Vloebergh | Technique Dominique Defossez | Production and Technical Realisation hetpaleis and Image-smithy DE MAAN